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Your website is the focal point of your e-marketing strategy. It will provide a great representation of your company. It will attract your existing customers and people that never heard of you before. Your website will reassure people that they made the right choice in considering you. Think of your website as the clothing your company wears.

  • Is it fresh and clean?
  • Does it fit you properly?
  • Does it assure customer of your competency?
  • Is it easy and inexpensive to update?
  • Can visitors get where they want to go quickly?

These are some of the standards we consider before we put your name or ours on a website.

We build most websites in about 3 weeks. We don't price hourly, we price by the job to encourage your thoroughness and discourage any settling on your part. Your website is our marketing program. If it looks good and generates business, then we grow. If it is mediocre of out of date, then we are diminished by it.

We maintain everything we build. We have a support phone number that gets answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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